Monday, 28 July 2014

*Drum Roll* And The Winner Is........

So for the past week you lovely readers have been entering on my rafflecopter giveaway, the ever so lovely Laura and Cha from LargeCup Lingerie generously gave me a £50 voucher for one lovely winner. 

The time has come, yesterday the giveaway ended and rafflecopter have randomly selected one lucky lady, and from the 292 entries (thank you all so much I wasn't quite expecting that good of a turn out!) 

Without further ado the winner is.........

Kellie Z Law!

Congratulations Kellie, I will be emailing you shortly Kellie :D 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

So, I hit my one year anniversary this week July the 18th to be exact :) And I wanted to give the people who read my blog the chance to get their hands on a lovely prize. 

The awesome LargeCupLingerie ladies, who have been so so lovely to me over since last year have offered me a £50 gift voucher to give to one lucky winner :)

LargeCup stock a variety of brands, from Freya, to Parfait by Affinatas and Tutti Rouge, plus a few more so there are plenty of lovely items for the winner to pick from :)  

Entry is pretty simple, all you have to do is do the tasks below and you can be in a chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Made In Preston, Unfortunately not Made for Me

Recently I tried a brand that I have only looked at and never tried myself and this brand was Made In Preston, they ran a offer I just could not refuse. 
Made in Preston are a UK based brand who produce their items in the UK and are designed for those of use who don't quite fit into high street brands because of our breasts. 

Having had my eye on the brand for a while I recently decided to use the buy one get one free (now expired, but they have ran it before) which is too good to miss out on. And with them being from the UK made me want to try them a little more. Now even at the age I am now, 24 my personal opinion of the styles that came up were a little 'young' (I'm feeling old lady like already) But one staple style I feel that no matter how old you are you can pull off if it's right is a peplum pencil dress, seen here. 

So this of course I had to purchase, red is pretty much my favourite colour and I wanted something smart that I could possibly wear to my work experience placement or job interviews. (This style also comes in baby pink and teal)
Unfortunately this is the only image I can show of the dress because I couldn't zip it up at all, I had gone with the size that the website gave me and it was at least a good 2 sizes too small on me (I picked the 16 Foxy). Had this been available in larger sizes I would have considered exchanging but 16 seems to be the largest the brand is going at the moment, I would love it if they could maybe go a little bigger! The dress itself I was highly impressed with, the fabric, while it felt a little rough to me was great, and I did love the fact that they have lined the top of the dress (although I do wish they had also lined the bottom) The fact the lining was black I liked on the peplum too, as it gave a little flash of another colour the dress.  I can't comment on the bust room but it did seem like it could accommodate a fairly large bust, just not one of my size, and I'm currently around a solid 32HH although I do change fairly often at the moment, I feel the 16 Fab wouldn't have worked either which is a shame. I would recommend this though as I think it is well made and I have seen it on others and it does look great on.

The second item I picked to get the buy one get one free offer was one of their skater styles that I had been eyeing up for a little while now which is the Black Jersey Skater Dress With Lace, seen here. 

Whilst not being the biggest fan of the razorback style I do generally cover my arms so it wouldn't have been an issue.
This once again I grabbed in the 16 Foxy and this time with it being a a different kind of dress and I anticipated that there would be a little more stretch to this one than the peplum. 

The fabric was nice and heavy, but the appliqué lace parts are a little disappointing for me, one reason it doesn't go around to the back, it just covers the front which is a shame, I also felt that they weren't as secure as I would have liked them to be. But the main reason this had to go back was the length, for me being 5ft 3 (so pretty short!) this was more tunic length than a dress, even the slightest lean forward would have given someone behind me a view of my butt! 

Although the fit was actually spot on the waist wasn't baggy which can happen to me sometimes, the boob area was great, I do think the Fab might have been a little better it might not have stretched so much. As you can see from the second photo I did add one of my trusty belts to add a pop of colour to the look.

So, as the title says unfortunately the two styles I picked to try were ultimately not for me, but I do feel that brand has the starlings of something that could be great for ladies who can't get the fit they want from the highstreet in terms of chest space. I'm also not completely writing the brand for m, I do still like the looks of some of the items on the site and different shapes may work better on me. 

(The first two photos are taken from the Made In Preston website, the second two are my own)

*Both dresses are available from the website, the Black Skater with Lace is currently £32 as there is £10 off at the moment, and the  Red Peplum is Half Price at £22.50! There is also a 20% off EVERYTHING at the minute with the code TAKEOFF20*