Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Brand That I Started With

One brand I couldn't wait to see was the lovely Tutti Rouge, they are the brand I reviewed first, we came out around the same time so I tried to make a point to try as many of their styles as I could get my hands on (which as it turned out to be not a lot) But I have always admired and kept a close eye on what they planned on bringing out, so checking out their SS15 line at Moda made me vow to try harder and get my hands on more styles because what I saw from a growing brand was in my eyes a game changer. 'High Hopes' is pretty much my favourite collection seen at Moda. 

Starting with my ultimate favourite, Tallulah Tattoo, a half padded balconette with a tattoo print on a cream base, now being a tattoo fan this is adorable and the stand out of the bunch. The details in which Tutti seem to pride themselves on are ever present, cute bow details and the 'High Hopes' logo in the print, they always think of everything.

Now another Tallulah is Sunrise, it seems one of Tutti's colours for next year is Yellow and while I may not go for it personally I do love it mixed with the pink, it is defiantly summery as well as a pick for the season.

One of the fashion colours for the Liliana is yellow with pink detailing which I think can be used as a mix and match with the above Tallulah Sunrise.

Another big favourite of mine is Janey, she's bright bold and beautiful, at first I thought it was more of a bikini print but as a summer set it works, and I can see it as one that might end up being shown, because something this pretty should not be kept hidden under clothes! (Not an excuse to walk down the street in your underwear apparently!) And the short have some adorable ruching which works so well.

Also coming out next year will be more colours in the Nichole and Beatrice, as well as a 'pacific blue' and 'hibiscus blue' Liliana. 

What I love about Tutti is their ability to mix fun bold colours with practical styles and each line comes with it's own storyline, making them in a league of their own. It's a brand that brings out the utter girly girl in me and I love it! 
And I also have a new adorable mirror to keep in my handbag! (The sweets were eaten on my train home) 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Spring Into Step With Curvy Kate

In this short series of posts I am going to be showing you sneak peaks at what is to come next year from some of the brands I love, I've spent a day at Moda in Birmingham looking at and cooing over some amazingly beautiful pieces of lingerie and I am going to start my round up with Curvy Kate.

Now even though this brand can be a bit hit or miss with me, after speaking with Hannah and some of their other staff what's to come might actually be a great turning point (unless your my wallet!) having tweaked some of their designs due to customer feedback I'm very excited at the prospect of trying as many of the styles for next season as I can!

Starting with a style similar to one I have tried before, Cascade is a style which looks a lot like the Gaia, having listened to the feedback the brand tell me they have altered the fit slightly, making the shape better overall, having somewhat flattened the top part of my breasts the last time I tried it I was happy to hear that they had looked at this and changed something in the design that will hopefully stop this happening. The colour way for next year also excites me, the bold and bright turquoisey blue is great for summer as it's nice and vibrant.

(Please excuse my photos, the lighting is all off and doesn't quite bring out the colours as great as they were in person) 

Another stand out for me is the Bardot, which comes as a balcony bra as well as this beautiful babydoll, the thing I love about this and I made a point to ask about is the sheer cups, they are sheer for all sizes. Which is great! I find that most other brands tend to add an extra lining to their sheer cups which makes them out to be a completely different bra, in my opinion. This not having that addition lining is nice to see. The intricate embroidered detailing at the top in a lovely violet colour adds another dimension, and the satin edging at the bottom is a nice finishing touch. 

My last big favourite on the Lingerie side of Curvy Kate is the Arizona, now this is based on the daily boost (big big big fail on me) but as with a lot of their styles they have worked on the niggles and slightly altered (it does still look a little wide for me, but i will still try it) I love the denim look and the spotty edging is a fun little addition. So I really do hope this one will work for me! 
(And Lottie looked amazing in it, as she did everything I got to see her in!) 

Now a couple of swimwear pieces I liked, I haven't reviewed any swimwear yet, mainly because I can't swim but I just haven't really found anything that I really love to want to give it a go. One thing I enjoyed about pretty much all of the swimwear Curvy Kate had to offer was the fact that everything was pretty much mix and match, you could take pieces and change them up which makes for more options! Below are some pretty bad (my apologies) photos of Beach Bloom, Moonflower and Cocoloco :) 

All in all the Curvy Kate range I feel is going from strength to strength and I can only see things getting better. 
And I managed to snag a Tote bag! I've had my eye on one for a long time :) 

Monday, 28 July 2014

*Drum Roll* And The Winner Is........

So for the past week you lovely readers have been entering on my rafflecopter giveaway, the ever so lovely Laura and Cha from LargeCup Lingerie generously gave me a £50 voucher for one lovely winner. 

The time has come, yesterday the giveaway ended and rafflecopter have randomly selected one lucky lady, and from the 292 entries (thank you all so much I wasn't quite expecting that good of a turn out!) 

Without further ado the winner is.........

Kellie Z Law!

Congratulations Kellie, I will be emailing you shortly Kellie :D 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

So, I hit my one year anniversary this week July the 18th to be exact :) And I wanted to give the people who read my blog the chance to get their hands on a lovely prize. 

The awesome LargeCupLingerie ladies, who have been so so lovely to me over since last year have offered me a £50 gift voucher to give to one lucky winner :)

LargeCup stock a variety of brands, from Freya, to Parfait by Affinatas and Tutti Rouge, plus a few more so there are plenty of lovely items for the winner to pick from :)  

Entry is pretty simple, all you have to do is do the tasks below and you can be in a chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Made In Preston, Unfortunately not Made for Me

Recently I tried a brand that I have only looked at and never tried myself and this brand was Made In Preston, they ran a offer I just could not refuse. 
Made in Preston are a UK based brand who produce their items in the UK and are designed for those of use who don't quite fit into high street brands because of our breasts. 

Having had my eye on the brand for a while I recently decided to use the buy one get one free (now expired, but they have ran it before) which is too good to miss out on. And with them being from the UK made me want to try them a little more. Now even at the age I am now, 24 my personal opinion of the styles that came up were a little 'young' (I'm feeling old lady like already) But one staple style I feel that no matter how old you are you can pull off if it's right is a peplum pencil dress, seen here. 

So this of course I had to purchase, red is pretty much my favourite colour and I wanted something smart that I could possibly wear to my work experience placement or job interviews. (This style also comes in baby pink and teal)
Unfortunately this is the only image I can show of the dress because I couldn't zip it up at all, I had gone with the size that the website gave me and it was at least a good 2 sizes too small on me (I picked the 16 Foxy). Had this been available in larger sizes I would have considered exchanging but 16 seems to be the largest the brand is going at the moment, I would love it if they could maybe go a little bigger! The dress itself I was highly impressed with, the fabric, while it felt a little rough to me was great, and I did love the fact that they have lined the top of the dress (although I do wish they had also lined the bottom) The fact the lining was black I liked on the peplum too, as it gave a little flash of another colour the dress.  I can't comment on the bust room but it did seem like it could accommodate a fairly large bust, just not one of my size, and I'm currently around a solid 32HH although I do change fairly often at the moment, I feel the 16 Fab wouldn't have worked either which is a shame. I would recommend this though as I think it is well made and I have seen it on others and it does look great on.

The second item I picked to get the buy one get one free offer was one of their skater styles that I had been eyeing up for a little while now which is the Black Jersey Skater Dress With Lace, seen here. 

Whilst not being the biggest fan of the razorback style I do generally cover my arms so it wouldn't have been an issue.
This once again I grabbed in the 16 Foxy and this time with it being a a different kind of dress and I anticipated that there would be a little more stretch to this one than the peplum. 

The fabric was nice and heavy, but the appliqué lace parts are a little disappointing for me, one reason it doesn't go around to the back, it just covers the front which is a shame, I also felt that they weren't as secure as I would have liked them to be. But the main reason this had to go back was the length, for me being 5ft 3 (so pretty short!) this was more tunic length than a dress, even the slightest lean forward would have given someone behind me a view of my butt! 

Although the fit was actually spot on the waist wasn't baggy which can happen to me sometimes, the boob area was great, I do think the Fab might have been a little better it might not have stretched so much. As you can see from the second photo I did add one of my trusty belts to add a pop of colour to the look.

So, as the title says unfortunately the two styles I picked to try were ultimately not for me, but I do feel that brand has the starlings of something that could be great for ladies who can't get the fit they want from the highstreet in terms of chest space. I'm also not completely writing the brand for m, I do still like the looks of some of the items on the site and different shapes may work better on me. 

(The first two photos are taken from the Made In Preston website, the second two are my own)

*Both dresses are available from the website, the Black Skater with Lace is currently £32 as there is £10 off at the moment, and the  Red Peplum is Half Price at £22.50! There is also a 20% off EVERYTHING at the minute with the code TAKEOFF20*

Friday, 27 June 2014

Another Vlog Attempt

I have decided to try and do a few more video blogs because my first wasn't as bad as I thought, so to kick start my blog back up I decided to make another video, and this time the piece I am reviewing comes from a brand I have had many issues with in the past. And that brand is Panache Lingerie, and the bra in question the wildly popular Jasmine, I purchased my Jasmine with my trusty personal account at Simply Be.

(I just did a little happy dance at the fact I've been able to attach the video! I seems to not like me at times!) 

The devil is in the details of this bra from me, the intricate and realistic flowers really sold me, I love the contrast of them on the ivory background. Also the stretch lace at the top, I'm glad they went for a bold colour and didn't stick with continuing the ivory colour, the deep purple works really well and it's in keeping with the colours in the flowers. 
On this I will say is having worn it a little more since making this video is the straps while fully adjustable they do take some moving, I've found I've needed to tighten them, the band is still pretty damn firm, I'm no where near moved down hooks yet so it doesn't stretch out as much as some of my other bra's. 

*This bra is still available at Simply Be where it is currently on sale! £20 but there don't seem to be loads of sizes left so I'd check it out quickly if I were you!* 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Trying the Curve

One of my first posts last year was my first try of the AX Paris brand, I however had only tried the regular line which as beautiful as it is, unfortunately for me it isn't quite big enough. I have however tried a couple of pieces from their AX Paris Curve line, which I have found in stores and online with Simply Be, however until recently I hadn't tried anything that I was compelled to buy/keep.  And it has turned out to be a great buy considering I have worn it once for my work experience placement, and I plan on wearing it again this week with slightly accessories. The dress in question is the AX Paris Waffle Textured Skater Dress

Having tried this in the Doncaster store a while back, I liked it but wasn't completely sure if I like it enough to get it, but having been put on a work placement I wanted more options to wear, that weren't suits or overly smart clothes as the dress code is smart casual. I tried the 14 when trying in store but when ordering a couple of weeks ago I thought the 16 would be the better option, just to be a little bit comfier and I was right. It feels slightly big at the waist but only just and it's nothing one of my trusty belts can't fix. 

Now, even though I am only 5 ft 2 (just under according to my mother) I find myself wishing there was just a little bit more length to the skirt, I'm used to dresses and skirts ending below my knees and this falls just above them, but it doesn't look bad and it works for me. The main area of ill fitting is around the arm pit area, but I do get that problem, more often than not a dart in the fabric could bring it in and have it fit slightly better, but this fabric is very stretchy. 

As you can see from the photo above you can see the ill fitting area closer. I wore my trusted (but slightly ill fitting) Freya Lingerie Deco Honey (mine is the previous green colour) I did try with a non moulded bra but I felt the shape at the top worked better with a smoother line underneath. 

Now this last photo is how I styled the dress to wear out, unfortunately for me I'm not a fan of showing my arms so some form of cardigan or shrug will always be necessary, a belt as mentioned earlier, I went for red to add a pop of colour to the look. And I had on a pair of slightly patterned tights and my trusty black Kurt Geiger Aurora 2 shoes (seen here in a dark red) I now own three pairs of these, red black and nude and I find they are very rare to find as the style is discontinued, it took me months to hunt the black pair down on ebay, but I do keep looking!

Overall I do feel that the dress was a great purchase for me, I can see myself wearing it quite a lot, and it fit's in with a lot of items I already have in my wardrobe. I also see it as a great dress for someone working in an office environment, as it's comfy and does cover you up well, and the spot pattern is cute. 

I will also mention that I got this dress when there was a half price sale online with Simply Be, so I did pay a bargain price of £17.50 for this (it made the dress even more perfect for me!) But I can safely say I probably would have paid full price as well with it being so versatile. 
[A quick note I missed before posting this is, the one downside I feel this dress has is the fact that the label does say that it is handwash only and I do normally tend to not buy things that say that. I did fall a little in love with this though and wore it out before reading the washing label! But I even if I had read it before I wouldn't have sent it back just because of that when it looks so nice one!]

(Photo 1 taken from the Simply Be website, all others are my own, I apologise for the state in the back of any photos as usual) 

*You can purchase this dress from Simply Be, it is currently priced at £35* 

Friday, 28 February 2014

A Change in Season

I recently received the Curvy Kate  Eden Rose from Simply Be, in the 34H. I have attempted to do my review of the bra a little differently by doing a video which can be seen on just below.

I will say sorry for how I sound and the video, it's my first try at 'vlogging' and I'm not fond of my voice when recorded, and I wasn't overly sure what to say so I just went with the flow haha. But I'm going to write a little and expand on certain aspects of the bra.

Now this is a cute bra, the bright bold colours do scream spring/summer but as I stated in the video there's a little too much pink for my liking, but I do love the hints of green in the centre on the bow and the stems of the flowers. 

I also love the attention to detail, they carry on the embroidered scalloped detail onto the band near the hooks. 

And the band is rigid, it seems as though they have double lined it unlike some who have the one lining I find it stretches out too quickly, this I could see lasting longer. 

In terms of fit I might end up trying the 32HH to see what it's like as after I had done the video I was able to easily hook the bra on the tightest one which the bra wouldn't last long at all. 

And I'm very excited to try more from Curvy Kate now, having tried a recent colour way of the Romance and the last season Lola both of which worked for me, that's 3 our of 3 that have worked so I'm going to be trying a lot more from them as this development into them working for me is great!!! 

*All photos and the video is mine*

(You can buy the Eden from Simply Be the bra is £29 and there is a matching brief costing £15) 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Courting Charlotte

I've had my Affinitas & Parfait  Charlotte for a couple of months now and it's had a bit more wear and I have recently got the heigh waisted pants so I can now do a complete review on the set. 

Now when I first saw this bra it was unfortunately out of my size range but in the last season the Charlotte size range was expanded up to a K cup, which was great news for anyone like me who previously liked the look of the bra but weren't able to try it. 

My biggest decision was picking which colour to go for, while the peach is quite nice my option I knew it would be the red or the dusty rose both of which I love, red is pretty much my favourite colour, but I chose the dusty rose because it's different and can go under paler clothes a little easier than the red. 

So the ever so lovely LargeCup Lingerie sent me the dusty rose in a 32J, as we had discussed that from other reviews the cups ran a bit smaller and most people who had reviewed the bra before me had mentioned, we thought it would be better to start bigger and go down if needed. 

Now at first I thought the band was a little too lose for me, as I prefer to have what some would say a band that could be too tight to me they are pretty comfortable, so LargeCup sent out a 30JJ for me to compare. 

Which came in the lovely new hot pink shade and strangely enough as I'm not a fan of pink I did love the colour. Comparing the two made it pretty easy to say that the 32 was the right way to go, and there was a little gaping at the sides cup wise, and the band dug in a little too much for me as you can see here 

(I have plenty of back fat as it is, this just makes more) It also rolled up and that made it dig in even more than it was. So back the 30 went and the 32J stayed and joined my collection, which worked fine in the long run as my band measurement is around 32/32.5 and it is still just fine on the loosest hook, I have been able to get used to bra's not being very very tight, and I now opt for a slightly loser (in my eyes) band but a band that I would probably be fitted in. 

Now I love parts of the bra, the thickness of the band is great in my eyes it manages to cover and hold in a little smidgin of my back flab. And I also love the thickness of the straps I know a few people haven't been but they don't dig in this way and they are so very comfortable. 
A couple of issues for me personally are the the sides, it comes up very high for me and it can at times be a little uncomfortable, but I will say there seems to be a little bit of padding meaning it doesn't quite hurt and it isn't always a problem. And this isn't the bras fault, it's my breast shape not working properly with that of the bra, due to my close set breasts and the height of the centre gore there is an issue of quad boob. 

(Please excuse the mess in the background, we are in the process of tidying and sorting through things and as we are slight hoarders it's taking a long time)

I recently got the pants sent through making the set, now unfortunately at the minute I probably would want the bra in a 32JJ as I'm quad boobing in every aspect (but only after wearing it for a full day, putting it on to wear if I'm running a quickish errand is fine) But onto the pants, now I normally would have gone for the large but I read a review from the lovely Anna who writes Bras and Body Image, she mentioned that the large briefs didn't quite reach her waist and were a little snug on her hips, so I asked for them in the XL to see if they could actually reach my waist as not many can, I've tried a few than end up being no where near and it ruins the look a little. As you can the they aren't digging in at the top or the legs, they have reached my waist which is pretty high, and love the look of the set with these over the smaller regular briefs. My only niggle is because they are a satiny fabric, depending on what I wear with them it feels off and ends up being a little slippery.
I can't wait to see what other pieces the brand extend the size range of, because this is a lovely set to won and it does feel great on.

*Photo one was taken from google, the rest of the photos are mine* 

(The Affinitas & Parfait Charlotte is available in red, peach, dusty rose and hot pink from LargeCup Lingerie, the bra is £30 and the high waisted brief £14) 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

What I'd love for Valentines

There are so many beautiful sets I'd love to own, or be gifted on valentines (if I had a valentine that is) so as to follow a trend of wish lists heres my 'must haves' for valentines.

I'm starting with a babydoll, a couple have been released recently aimed at the larger busted market which is a revelation for anyone squeezing into something too small from Ann Summers (who's babydolls aren't bra sized) . I've picked the Ritzy from Curvy Kate.

I think this is stunning, although I haven't tried it myself unfortunately I don't have the best luck with the brand (hopefully that will be sorted sooner rather than later) I love the pinstripe on the cups and down the front, and the colourway of black and almond I find sophisticated yet stunningly sexy. 

*Available from Figleaves but they are pretty limited in stock on some sizes so it could be worth looking around*

Next up I've picked a body, the Freya Ooh La La Underwired Body.

I've picked this because like the babydolls they are a bit harder to find in D+ and while this one only goes up to G that's still pretty good. I love that you could have this under workwear and then once at home it could be the surprise gift for you and your other half.

*Available from Figleaves and this is still in stock in a fair amount for sizes*

Another pick on my list would be this stunning Coco Pink Chemise from Fauve.

This is part of my list because you don't have to be overly sexy on valentines, you can be sweet to and this I think is the epitome of sweet and elegant seduction. The lace and silk combines exceptionally with the pale pink and cream colour choices. 

*This is available from Leia Lingerie*

Last up and it's time for a splash of red and for this I have picked a bra that, works yet doesn't work for me (slight sizing issues) it's the Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte

This I love for so many reasons, the bra itself has lovely wide straps (some people dislike them but I'm a huge fan!) 4 hooks at the back and although it comes up very high under the arms its slightly padded which makes it comfortable. The high waisted pants I'm yet to try but I love that big pants can look as stunning as these. As for the colour well red is a favourite of mine and I just couldn't leave it off my list! 

*Charlotte is available from the lovely ladies at LargeCup Lingerie, who offer free delievery ;) * 

Now I could have carried on and on and listed multiple sets and items but I picked the 4 I would love to receive the most. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

To Smooth Or Not To Smooth

A few months back now I received a parcel from a lovely worker at Curvy Kate, after not having much luck with my twitter freebie friday prize which you can read about here. After a discussion with the ever so lovely Himare about which bras might work better for my shape I decided to try the smoothie again, having tried a 30J briefly and it being completely the wrong size, we decided that being around a 34GG/32H that I would try the 34GG. 

When it arrived I noticed it was missing the bow in the centre but that wasn't a problem at all, I knew I was going to attempt to alter the bra, but I was sent a bow which I'll add at some point. Now as per I find with Curvy Kate it was a little east vs west on me but not as much as I have had in the past, and comparing to other bras I own the centre gore does seem to be a little wider in the middle which is what seems to be the problem on me.

The fit was reasonably ok, the band a little lose so I possibly could have got the 32H but this is still very wearable, and I'm filling the cup just fine, a bit of empty space at the bottom but theres no overspill at the top, and the straps whilst fairly wide apart on my shoulders they don't fall down. It gave me the smooth silhouette I expected, although there is a slight problem with the very top of the cup, it curls a little I haven't found a way to stop that happening, so under tighter tops it does show.

I knew when deciding on this bra that I was going to try and make a slight alteration to the middle of the bra and pull the gore together a little to see how it would look, so a couple of weeks a go I found a needle and some thread and looked up some tutorials and gave it a go.

So, while the photos don't seem to show much difference when I wear the bra it feels more central and my breasts feel less pushed out, all I did was pin the gore in a little and (haphazardly) sew it together. To me the fit is so different, I have worn it quite a bit and while I am now getting a slight bit of quad boob (I'm getting bigger! soon to be smaller!) It's perfect under tops and dresses when I need/want to show a little flesh ;). 
I do feel it isn't quite up there with the Freya Deco, it s so so close though I feel the shape for me personally is better with the Deco, but I will continue to wear my smoothie and I will more than likely (when I get a job) grab another. I do love the subtle animal print one what is considered a plain bra, I have high hopes for this coming out in other colours maybe a bright red or a mint green.

Side note I did get the 'high waisted pants' and I will admit I was pretty disappointed they aren't anywhere near high waisted, they sit in a rather strange place on me hence why they haven't really be worn. :(

**This bra was sent as a prize it hasn't effected my views at all**

You can buy this bra from BrastopFigleaves and many other retailers. 

(all photo's are mine) 

Friday, 3 January 2014

A quick try with Olivia

A few weeks back now in a parcel from the ever so lovely Laura at LargeCup lingerie and it contained a couple of surprises, one of which was the lovely Olivia from Tutti Rouge in a 32HH.

Now Olivia is is so different, whilst it may be floral it's not obvious and I love that! The geometric floralness (not a word but it is now!!) is so different to anything I've ever seen on a bra before, it's such a stand out print that is in a league of it's own, it's such a shame it didn't fit. 
Now although I love the print, I will admit though that the lace that is in the middle of the cup I'm not overly fond of I feel it's out of place, the top and the bottom work, I get that breaking print up can be good but in this case I don't think it works (that's just my opinion though). And as you would expect there is the usual Tutti touches, the heart on either strap and embroidered branding on the clasp.

Onto the fit, I'm normally fine with the 32HH from Tutti but this was far tighter than any I have tried, I compared it to a 30 band in the parfait charlotte and it was a good inch and a half shorter! So either Olivia runs very tight or this was a one off, I would have said this is more like a 23/30HH Which isn't the right size at all for me, the cups were also a tad too small, probably could be rectified with trying a bigger band which I may do so in the nearish future. I also admit this is the second 'success' in the same style from tutti, if you think back to when I first looked at the brand and tried the Liliana this also worked due to the shape of the bra suiting the way my breasts are, but I'm not going to give up on the different styles!

(photo one taken from the Big Cartel page for Tutti Rouge the rest are me)

*Olivia is available from the same link above for £28 They also do a matching mini brief for £14 and shorts for £15*

 And just a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog, my stats say it's been viewed over 6000 times and for me that is INCREDIBLE!!! I hope I can keep it up!!