Friday, 6 December 2013

Flirting with Frankie

So in October it was my birthday and the lovely Laura at LargeCup Lingerie sent me another lovely Tutti Rouge bra as a belated birthday gift, it was the lovely Frankie bra and the Suspender Skirt in cornflower blue. 

It was so pretty (as I'm finding with every Tutti set I come across), it had the usual details on the Tutti bras that we all love, the heart on the straps and the embroidered Tutti Rouge on the back clasp, and it was very ruffley. 
The ruffles are a little over the top for everyday wear personally, especially on the skirted suspender, whilst pretty, I'm not quite sure how practical it would be. The colour on the other hand I found really cute and different, whilst it wasn't what I would consider a pastel shade it wasn't too bright it was in between and I thought that was nice to see in lingerie, I always love (although they can be slightly impractical) coloured underwear.

Now onto the fit, of the balconette styles from the brand this is almost perfect on me and I was pretty miffed that it didn't fit. The band was spot on, firm but not overbearingly tight which I do like in a bra, it was the cups, the cups are that bit too small, if only they made it up to a J I think I would have been onto a keeper! The bra also wasn't east vs west on me at all which made me really smile, I sometimes have a problem when the gore is a little too wide, it can push me apart a little too much, but that wasn't a problem at all with Frankie. The last photo I have tried to show the same thing that happens with all Tutti bras on me, because I'm not full on the bottom I don't always fill the bottom of the cups on bras, this isn't as much has others. This mixed with the fact I'm fuller on top makes the 32HH too small in the cup, which is upsetting because it's so adorable I so wish they will consider extending because I want to own this :(

The skirted suspender I got in a large, because when I've tried medium bottoms from the brand before they have been a little tight, however I think this ran a little on the big side, even though it doesn't seem to look it on the photos! It is a thong, (my lovely starry pants seem well hidden in this photo, they weren't in the rest!) I do find that because I needed the larger size when you lift the skirted part, it looks (and possibly could be) uncomfortable at the front as the front part of the thong is pretty small. If it were slightly bigger I think it would be better. (it might not be like that on everyone)
Overall I do think it is very cute and I do love the idea of skirt.

(Photos 1 and 2 are taken from the LargeCup Lingerie website all the rest are of me)

*The Frankie bra and skirted suspender along with other matching bottoms are available from LargeCup and they are currently in the sale! So the bra is currently £15.60 and the skirted suspender £10.50*

{This bra was sent as a gift, but this didn't affect my review at all}

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Perfect Pencil (Skirt)

So after having a fear of the dreaded tube pencil skirts for quite sometime, I made the decision to try them out this year, after seeing them in so many shops and on so many lovely ladies I thought to myself there must be one I can wear and not feel huge in. 

And the weirdest place that I managed to find the right skirt was Primark! I rarely manage to find things in there because I find the sizing to be very inconsistent. But these are by far my best purchases from there! 

I got my first two, the green and the purple from the ever so lovely Kelly who runs The Curvy Kitten, my local store only had 12's and I tried that first and whilst it fit, it was very snug, so Kelly managed to get me some 14's and they were perfect. 

They hug my body just right, and although they do enhance my belly a little I honestly think they look great and I feel great in them, they show my rear (which I have grown to love as it has grown!) They are exactly what I wanted and at £5 a skirt, I couldn't ask for more, the Jersey fabric is stretchy enough but also keeps it's shape, and so far they have all washed just fine.

(The last photo I wish I could leave the house like that, maybe a blazer over the top) 

I think they are so great that I hunted down some more and I still am, I currently have 7 the five pictured above and one in grey and a royal blue, they do have a fairly bold orange colour but I felt it didn't really work on me so it didn't join my collection. They are very practical for me to wear out shopping with tops like the above photos, and I also wear them for work with a longer tunic type top. The length is great as well, they sit a couple of inches below my knees, depending on how high I pull them up. They also work well with my heels, flats or my big chunky winter boots, so I think it's safe to say I love them, they have been the perfect addition to my wardrobe and I will admit I have been wearing them a lot more than I thought I would, it's much easier and looks much nicer than just throwing on my jeans. 

(All photos belong to me)

*The skirts are available in most Primark stores and they cost just £5!*