Saturday, 30 November 2013

Keeping it Dotty

So continuing the spotty theme, I think it's high time I reviewed my last Bravissimo purchase which was the Dotty Spot. I did try the previous two colour ways when they were out, the aqua and red and well as the black and cafe both seen here being reviewed by the lovely Anna who runs Bras and Body Image. Whilst they were lovely colour ways at the time of them being out my shape didn't work with the bra and I couldn't seem to get the right fit in them. But when I saw the red and white colour way I knew I had to try it.

I brought this in September as I was down to one bra, (that didn't really fit) and when I visited my sister in Scotland, while we waited in Endinbrough I thought it would be best if I went and found a new bra. Now I had previously been fitted into the Dotty Spot in the Leeds store about 2 weeks before the trip so when I went in I asked for the same size and it was a perfect fit again. I hadn't managed to shrink back down again so my new size was deemed a 32H.

This is one of the best fitting bras I have had for some time, although there is a slight wrinkle in the fabric, the cup fits perfectly and the wires don't dig in at the sides as well as not sitting too high and stabbing me in the armpit. I will admit it took a little getting used to because I had constantly been in more plunge shape bras than anything, the higher centre gore felt very strange and whilst it felt like it was digging in after a while I didn't notice it and put it down to not wearing bras with higher gores for some time. The band was also great, I do prefer really tight bands so naturally I did ask to try the 30HH on just incase but I couldn't actually get it done up, so the 32 is fine and I'm only just tightening the back by moving to the middle hooks, which is pretty rare having taken me 3 months instead of 3 or 4 weeks I find with other bras.

I feel I have to mention this though, I don't quite know why but the bra doesn't quite give the natural rounded shape I know at least I normally want, it is as you can see quite pointy and to some women that might be off putting, I think people should try it and see before completely saying no though. I found myself loving it though, it creates a different shape that works really well under clothes and I think it's quite vingtagey and reminiscent of bullet bras. 

The colour and print I find just up my ally, I adore red so it was a given I'd like this, although I think I would prefer black to white spots, it looks very cute as it is and the bows attached to the gore and the base of the straps add to the cuteness.

If I were to pick one bad point about the bra, I would have to say I find the straps a bit slippy, they slip off my shoulders and the fabric with it being shiny I find it slips when I have tightened it, and by the end of the day it's gone back to where it was. I am looking for a way to stop this happening because it is a niggle that bothers me now, as the straps don't hold all the weight of my boobs but they do hold a fair amount and if the straps loosen the boobs droop a little.

(photo one taken from the Bravissimo website the rest are me)

*Dotty Spot is available online at Bravissimo and in their stores and the bra is £29*

Friday, 29 November 2013

Under the spotlight

For many women Freya Lingerie's infamous deco bra is a staple to own, I know of many women who will squeeze into one which may be slightly too small just because the shape is gives is exactly what women want. 

(excuse the very old photo, this was my first foray into deco territory) 

The roundness, the lift and the cleavage on show is nothing less than epic, the fit was perfect, and they do try to reinvent the bra, having seen the Frida (seen on the lovely Georgina), Carly, Crystal (again on Georgina) and more recently the (also again modelled by Georgina) Taylor

Having seen the aptly named Spotlight in a brochure summer last year I knew I had to have it and I hated that I had to wait until November to get my paws on it. But when Figleaves sent me an email with a discount code (subscribe to their newsletter and every so often they send codes giving you discounts on items and sometimes free delivery) I snapped at the chance to get this lovely bra as I received 15% off and free next day delivery, so in a few clicks the 34GG was winging it's way to me, and luckily I didn't have long to wait.

Now when I get parcels I get rather excited (I'm like a child with presents, only I've brought myself them) and when the box with this arrived it was no exception, I hurriedly opened the box and there it was. the colour, an intense shade of burgundy red (claret going by the official description), and I loved that the spots aren't just on the cups, they continue around the bra even on the black edges and straps, I think when a detail like that is done throughout the bra it feels more finished and refined. 
I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive on the fit, the Crystal I mentioned earlier for some reason had a bit of an iffy fit I panicked that this would be the same, and it is, a little. 

(please excuse any strange facial expressions, I have no explanation for them :/)

The bra fits, there's no denying it the centre gore fits sits flat, my breasts are fully encased in the cups, and the band while slightly loser than I like it actually feels fine (I'm one of those people that seems to like the band really really tight) I will admit I wont be wearing this as an everyday bra, just because I find a lot of movement, even in a really well fitting plunge bra, I find after a couple of hours my breasts have fallen into the middle more than they need to have. This is going to be my go to bra for when I wear lower cut tops and dresses as it will give me the right shape and look I will desire. 

Now onto the crystal effect, I found the crystal to be slightly wider than the regular deco, being that the centre gore seemed spreads my boobs further apart than normal, which unlike the crystal this doesn't do it as much, unfortunately it does still happen, but it isn't enough to put me off this bra at all. That and I do LOVE the pattern, I'm all for spots and dots and red and black, pretty much my dream bra combination really so it had to work! 

(Second photo taken from the Freya website, other 3 are of me)

*Deco spotlight is available at Figleaves and is £32 :) *

Saturday, 2 November 2013

The prize that failed

A few weeks ago I won a bra set from Curvy Kate, they run on the twitter page every friday a #FreebieFriday, a set they give away to a random winner, I never win anything! So when I won this I was so excited to get it and see if it could break my bad luck with Curvy Kate streak, unfortunately my breasts haven't had the best of times with CK bras which slightly annoys me because I always love what come out each season from them. So I was so hoping that the Gia would work as well on me as it does my mother (managed to fit her into one a bit back and she finds it very comfy) 

When it arrived I carefully ripped open the package in excitement and there it was, I loved the purple and the little details were fab! I couldn't wait to get it on, so upstairs I went stripped down to my pants and slipped on the set. 

Both the bra and the pants as you can see have small square bows with a tiny square diamonte which I think is really cute, and I love the rather geometric embroidered section on both the top half of the cup and the band at the font of the pants.  

Now, first impressions can be very deceiving and in this case they were, while it may look like a good fit (the pants were perfect I asked for a 16 knowing they ran small) the small task of walking around the room and the bra failed. Breast tissue escaped from the top and the bra felt like it was slipping down all over.

As I thought and when I contacted Curvy Kate, I sent them some photos to try and show them as much as I could about the fit, we had the same ideas on why the bra didn't seem to fit, my shape doesn't suit this bra, not the bra's fault and not mine, just somethings aren't meant to be together. Because I am considered to be pretty full on top and very close set tends to be why me and Curvy Kate don't get along, which is rather odd because they seem to fit better on people of similar fullness :(. So the lovely Himare at Curvy Kate, offered to send me out a style that should work for my shape, which meant that the lovely Gia is now back with Curvy Kate :( 

This was obviously a freebee, and it hasn't affected my thoughts in any way, I really do think the bra is beautiful, construction and colour, in fact this is a bra my mum owns and she does really like it and gets along with it. Unfortunately though not all bras are going to work for me, I do hope that some of the Curvy Kate range will though because they always bring out some stunning bras! 

*You can purchase this bra from many retailers I found it on Brastop retailing at £29 for the bra and £15 for the brief*